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The Cashew tree (Latin: Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family. The tree produces the cashew apple and cashew seed or nut. The cashew apple is a pseudofruit which is the part of the tree that connects it to the cashew seed, the tree’s real fruit. The tree can grow up to 12 meters in height, with a short, often irregularly shaped trunk. The leaves are spirally arranged, smooth margined, and typically 4-22 cm long. The dwarf cashew tree, growing up to 6 m, has demonstrated increased productivity, with prior development and more significant returns. The curved organic product is molded like a huge thick bean and can grow more than 2.5 cm long.

The cashew is a strong plant that is renowned for growing in soils, especially sandy soils, that are generally unsuitable for other fruit trees. For the best production deep, sandy-loam soil is recommended. Cashew trees will not grow in poorly-drained soils. Day temperatures for growing cashews should remain around 25°C , and cashew trees handle temperatures above 40°C well. Moreover, cashew trees flower in the third year after planting and the fruit ripens fully within 2 months. Also, the cashew tree has a well-developed root system and can tolerate drought conditions.

Cashews are native to Brazil, similar to the Brazil nut. Cashews were given their plant name since they are heart-molded. Both the Spanish and the Italian name for cashews incorporate the root for the heart.

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