The only commodity to be considered a nut, seed and fruit.

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Coconut (Latin: Cocos nucifera), is a member of the palm tree family, Arecaceae. There are multiple variants of coconuts, however, the coconut palm tree is the main type of plant.

Usually, the coconut palm tree is harvested in warm and humid tropical environments since it requires warmth and dampness to develop. Additionally, they are cultivated all year long and grow in groups of 5 to 12 fruits each on the palm plant. A new group begins to grow every month. Therefore, a group of coconuts mature together once every month, with a coconut palm producing a total of about 100-120 coconuts per year. As a result of a coconut's highly concentrated fat substance, it is delayed to oxidize and, hence, prevents it from becoming spoiled, enduring as long as a half year at 24 °C without spoilage.

Coconuts have been broadly used in Southern and Central American areas, Africa, India and in the majority of the Asian nations.

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