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Peas (Latin: Pisum sativum) are seeds of the annual garden pea plant of the Fabaceae family. These small spherical seeds are contained within the pod of the plant. Peas can be green or yellow in colour depending on the genetic code of the plant. Peas are popular for their health benefits and nutrition.

Peas thrive in cool climates and young plants will tolerate light frost. Once planted, they are fairly easy to look after since they can adapt easily to cold and damp climates. The plants are strong competitors and some varieties are quite resistant to diseases and pests. Once cultivated and harvested, peas can be sold with or without the seed coat and whole or split.

Like most grains, the origins of domesticated peas have not been determined since the pea is one of the oldest cultivated crops. The wild pea plant is native to the Mediterranean region.

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