Canary Seeds

Canary Seeds

Mostly grown in Canada and North America

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The Canary grass is a plant (Latin: Phalaris canariensis) belonging to the family Poaceae. There are two main types of canary seed, itchy and hairless. The itchy varieties, which have tiny, sharp hairs (spicules) attached to the hull, while the hairless varieties have erect, hairless stems, typically 2 to 6 feet tall.

Canary seed ought to be seeded early in the developing season. A long developing season is required to improve yield. Roughly 105 days are required before harvest. Moreover, canary seed grows well on heavier soils that retain moisture throughout the growing season.

As the name suggests, the crop originated in the Canary Islands. Originally a native of the Mediterranean region, it is commercially grown in several parts. Furthermore, Canary seeds are high in protein and are gluten-free. They also have a nice unsaturated fatty acid profile.

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