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Sugar is a general term used for sweet-flavoured, soluble carbohydrates. Common sugar also known as sucrose is half glucose (starch) and half fructose (sweetness). You might also know it by “cane sugar,” which is 100% sucrose. Both forms of sugar are sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates, which are mainly used in food. Approximately 80% of the world's sugar is produced from sugarcane in warmer climates with the remaining 30% derived from sugar beet, which is grown mostly in cooler climates.

Sugarcane is a tall tropical plant that is like bamboo. To grow well, sugarcane needs full sun, rich organic soil and appropriate rainfall. Sugar is made in the leaves of the sugarcane plant through photosynthesis and stored in the plant’s stalk. The plant is chopped down, harvested and then sent to a factory. At the production line, cane juice is separated, purified, filtered and crystalized into crude sugar.

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