Who are we?

Our Company

Essentially, we are a company to which partnering companies outsource their Lead-Generation and/or Procurement needs.


Your Commodity is full service commodity trading and brokerage firm with a focus on dry food commodities sourced from international verified suppliers, processors and packagers. Whether you are a Buyer or Supplier, our passionate traders are here to help you find the best deals possible from our verified suppliers. We deal with several sectors within the commodities industry with a focus on animal feed, spices, pulses and many more.


Verified & Insured

Both buyers and suppliers have options for additional insurance and inspection

Our suppliers along with their products are regularly verified, inspected, tested and certified to ensure there are no discrepancies between both parties. SGS is the world leader in this field while they ensure that the highest benchmark for quality and standards from our suppliers are in place.

Commodities processed and exported from Canada are guaranteed by Export Development Canada (EDC). Canadian suppliers are guaranteed with EDC credit insurance while taking the steps beforehand to run thorough due-diligence on all parties engaging in the deal.


Types of Companies

Any type of business involved within the supply chain is accepted

Wholesalers & Distributors

Our verified wholesalers and distributors make up a large portion of our clients on the buy side. These type of clients usually are paired with our suppliers who provide private label solutions.

Processors and Procurers

Companies with processing and procurement facilities are typically onboarded as our suppliers. In some situations we also provide these companies with leads for their own buying needs.

Direct Buyers & Suppliers

Considering the diversity of the commodity trading supply chain, we accommodate to several types of businesses involved in either the buying or selling side. We prefer to onboard direct buyers or suppliers.

Traders & Speculators

We have recently begun onboarding companies involved in trading and speculating commodities on both the buying and selling side. We selectively onboard our traders and speculators.

Service Providers

Service providers include logistics, transloading, insurance providers and more. Essentially any business in the industry who isn't a buyer or seller falls under this category.

Brokers & Consultants

Despite that many of our onboarded clients prefer to deal with direct buyers or direct sellers, we occasionally deal with brokers who help us with sourcing more challenging bids or offers when needed most.